First off, thanks for stopping by! I try not to take my reviews too seriously (I mean, where’s the fun in that?) as I just enjoy getting to talk about why I love and hate certain books. But I have recently tried to get a bit more serious and actually let people know what the book is about. I spend more money on books that I do on food. Rent and bills only barely beat my spending habit when it comes to books. And I only pay rent so that I’ll have a place to keep my books 😉

While I do try and diversify my genres, I mostly stick with Fantasy, as that’s where I tend to find the most amount of books I enjoy. Sci-fi and horror are my back up genres.

I’m pretty sure that I’m one of the only readers that doesn’t own an e-reader, but I am looking to fix that soon!

As always, thanks for dropping by and hope to interact with you guys soon!

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