The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson (Mistborn, #2)


9.5/10 Stars

Not everything is as it seems! So many plot twists that I started to get dizzy. 

While I enjoyed this one almost as much as First Empire, it did fall a tad short. Mainly due to pettiness, because I couldn’t find any huge issue with this book. It is paced a tad slower than First Empire, but it had far better action scenes, in my opinion.

This one far surpassed it’s predecessor in terms of character development, though. That’s what I loved most about this one. Vin grew quite a bit in First Empire, but I felt she made more awesome changes here. Just about every character went through some form of a change, but some less than others. I think Dox was probably the most underutilized character. But only because I absolutely loved him in FE. I was sad to see how destroyed he was from a certain event in FE and definitely missed not having him around as much.

Like I said above, the only issues I had with the book were petty and might not bug others as much. I personally don’t like much romance in my books, and while I felt like he used it decently well here, it also bugged me at times. The brooding over love is what bugged me most, but I felt like he ultimately used the romance and such very well, overall. I really love Vin as a character, but the other problem I had had to do with her constant brooding. Yes, I’m going to use that word for both of my complaints. It just best describes both problems. She does have quite a few happy moments, but man, when she gets into a funk, she really gets into a funk. Her overall awesomeness over rides those moments of brooding, though!

Sanderson’s prose feels like it’s improved from First Empire to here. I can’t really even put my finger on why it feels that way, though. It just felt like I had an easier time reading this one – even though I had no problems getting through First Empire. It just felt more crisp. That’s about as well as I can describe it (sorry!). While this one is longer, it felt much shorter. I’m going to attribute that to all the superbly written fight scenes and spectacular battles. His fight scenes aren’t my favorite, but I absolutely love how he writes them!

I’m happy to say that I didn’t feel like The Well of Ascension suffers from Second Book Syndrom. I’m not even sure if I ever felt bored during this one. Which is usually a good indicator that I wasn’t. He has once again shown me why I was so wrong about his writing style and why people love his stories.


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