The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson (Mistborn #1)

9.75 stars out of 10!

I highly recommend that anyone new to Sanderson start here. This is where I wish I would’ve started rather than Stormlight Archive. Not because Way of Kings is bad, because I don’t think it is, but it helps you to realize just how great of a writer Sanderson is in a short amount of reading time. But hey, that might just be me. 

My God this book was awesome! I was really nervous to start this one. I had such high hopes, but I was also really apprehensive. But any of my doubts about Sanderson’s abilities as a story teller were quickly put to rest. I guess this one wasn’t all that packed with action, compared to how long it is, but that didn’t matter because it was so interesting. There were only a few very petty things that kept this from being 5 star, but, as I said, it’s a petty reason. I’ll get to that later, though. 

This book, in my opinion, was paced pretty well! The was just enough action interspersed with “lulls” to keep me interested. I put lull in quotations because they were still interesting, for the most part. This is one of the first books were I thought the politicking was done in an interesting way. I actually enjoyed Vin’s time at the balls, which really surprised me. Anytime I thought something was going to be dreadfully boring, like the balls, my worries were quickly put to rest. 

The prose is something I both really enjoyed and had a small problem with. The small problem I had was the same one I had with Way of Kings, but it wasn’t done nearly as bad here. I’m not a fan of how Sanderson likes to over explain things. At times it feels as if he doesn’t trust that I will remember or understand certain parts of the story or magic system. He doesn’t do it all that much here, but it’s still something I noticed. I just wish there was a bit more mystery in his writing. But I still have to hand it to him, he puts so much thought into his world and magic systems. I love that you can tell that he really cares about his worlds! 

Another thing I was relieved about was how much I loved the characters. Vin did get on my nerves a bit, near the end, with her (view spoiler) attitude, but it was very brief. But other than that, I loved them all. They each brought something awesome to the table! There wasn’t much character development, save Vin, but I’m not sure that there really could’ve been any development besides her. I did love how (view spoiler). I think my favorite character had to have been Sazed, though! That guy was just so much fun to have around. 

The only thing I’m not looking forward to, in the next 2 novels, is the romance. BUT, I’m staying optimistic since he was able to handle other things really well that I wasn’t looking forward to. 

All-in-all, I couldn’t have been more happy with this! There was great action scenes, awesome characters, an interesting magic system, plot twists I didn’t see coming, and so much more! I’m extremely excited to see what comes of this trilogy!!

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