Artemis by Andy Weir

ARC provided by the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

This is my first book to read by Weir, so I’m not sure how this stacks up against The Martian, but I had so much fun with this book! It definitely had some flaws, but we’ll get to that later.


In Artemis we’re following Jazz. Who is basically a smuggler with a conscience. There are tons of things that are considered contraband since Artemis is a city on the Moon and many things could kill them. Artemis has it’s rich areas and poor areas just like any big city on Earth, and Jazz lives in the poorer part of town. Their “economy” is actually pretty interesting to read about. But when she’s offered a job that’s going to pay her more money than she’s ever seen, by one of her best customers, she just can’t turn it down. “Heist story on the Moon” is definitely the best way to describe this book.


I loved Weir’s writing so much. This book starts out with action and doesn’t hardly let up. The plot was action-packed, interesting, and taught me quite a few space things (that’s a highly technical term). He doesn’t get too indulgent on the science explanations, but there was one or 2 times I got bored due to too much ‘splainin. But he more or less keeps it to a minimum.


I liked Jazz, our protag, but I really loved the side characters. Svobo was probably my favorite. He also had these really cool messages between Jazz and her Earth buddy, Kelvin, that added a lot of really cool elements. It allowed him to add info of backstory in an interesting way and without info dumps. Plus, they’re pretty hilarious. One of the problems I had was that Jazz very nearly became a Mary Sue. She was praised for just how smart she was and how awesome she’d be if she just applied herself. She seemed to have very few weaknesses. But she never quite felt completely like a Mary Sue so I might just be grabbing at straws here, but I might be grabbing at straws here, but I felt it worth mentioning. Also, i felt like some of her solutions to conflicts were a bit….convenient. It’s hard to explain without spoilers.


I’m not much of a sci-fi fan. It’s hard for me to find books in this genre that are interesting, to me. Weir created such an awesome sci-fi experience! I’m not even sure I can pinpoint what he did to make me like it so much. I think it was many things: fast-paced plotting, quite a bit of conflict and resolution, fun characters, and a well written female lead. Highly recommend picking this one up when it hits the shelves!

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