Age of Myth by Michael J Sullivan (Legends of the First Empire, #1)


The day is here, the release date of Age of Myth’s sequel, Age of Swords. I first reviewed Age of Myth last year, but I wanted to bring it on over, from my Goodreads page, so I can group the reviews from this series here so that they’re easy to access. So, let’s begin!

Rating= 10/10 stars

Per usual, this is a spoiler free review.

I read Sullivan’s books in a weird order; I started with Age of Myth then moved on to Riyria Revelations then onto Riyria Chronicles. While I still enjoyed each and every book, I wish I would’ve read this after Riyria. The first time around I fell in love with this book, but reading it after Riyria was so much more enjoyable. There are so many little Easter Eggs in this one and names that play a huge role in the world and history of Riyria. And you only pick up on it after reading Riyria. So, to anyone who has yet to dive into Sullivan’s works, I highly recommend starting with Riyria Revelations, then Riyria Chronicles, and then move on to this series. But, you’ll still fully enjoy this novel without any knowledge from the other books.

Age of Myth reminds me a bit of Crown Conspiracy. By that I mean it has a very simple plot, but AoM is a much stronger book in regards to the quality of the writing. I really enjoyed the simpleness of this plot as it really let’s you get accustomed to this world and the characters without getting bored. I also think this series is going to mirror Riyria Revelations in that what seems like a simple story will actually become much more complicated and intricate than we realize. I also think that everything isn’t what it seems. After seeing how Revelations panned out, this makes me so excited for what he’s got planned for us. After all, he did say that what we were told of the history, throughout Riyria, is not what actually happened. Which raises so many questions to be answered. This makes me so glad Age of Swords is due for release in about a month.

We obviously get a whole new cast of characters, since this story is set 3,000 years before Riyria Revelations. While I love Royce and Hadrian, I think we’re given a much stronger cast, overall, in this series. There is a couple of duo’s, of sorts, but they don’t really over power the story. Although, Suri and Minnah might be my favorite duo in all of Sullivan’s works (Sorry Royce and Hadrian!). While we don’t get a lot of character development (we do get some), I don’t feel it’s a problem. Since this feels more like the set-up for the series.

Even though this book feels like we’re paving the way for the series, it’s not done, in my opinion, in a boring way. While I could see why some people didn’t like the simplicity of Crown Conspiracy, I don’t think many will feel the same about this one. Maybe it’s because I know what Sullivan is capable of now? I don’t know. But still didn’t have a problem with it before knowing what he was able to do with his stories. I think it’s just that he’s grown so much more as a writer from then til now.

And man, THAT ENDING!! I’m so glad the wait is now over til Age of Swords, because I’m really hoping we’ll get some insight into what certain characters plans really are. I’m also going to say that I think certain characters are more than they seem.


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